Something extraordinary…

There are events in your life that remain in your memory forever. Situations where people distinguished themselves in a way that is extraordinary. I had the privilege to witness such an event this week.

While I was in Malawi, I worked very closely with Jezman, a pharmacy technician, and Sister Mary. There are no pharmacist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. In fact, most hospitals in Malawi do not have a pharmacist.Wages being more attractive as a community pharmacist, it is very difficult for hospital to retain or hire a pharmacist.

Sister Mercy, the executive director of the hospital, has great aspirations for Jezman. She sees his potential and encouraged him to pursue his studies and become a pharmacist. Jezman is a bright young man, hard working, and striving to be the best that he can be. Jezman applied to the pharmacy school at Rhodes University in South Africa. He got accepted. But Jezman’s dreams may be only that…dreams. Jezman cannot afford his dream. Jezman found a buyer for his old clunker but this only made a dent in gathering the funds that he needs. As a last ditch effort, Jezman reached out to me. It was now January 8th 2014. Jezman needs his tuition paid by Friday Jan 17th. At first glance, the task seemed impossible and the likelihood to be of any help to Jezman in a significant way was pretty dismal. This is when something extraordinary happened. True generosity. The belief in helping people help themselves.  Teaching a man to fish.The pharmacists of the Hamilton Family Health Team, Jay Graydon our CFO, who went to St. Joseph’s hospital in 2012  and a relative of mine got together and managed to gather the funds necessary to send Jezman on his way to South Africa, to pharmacy school. We are still a long way from having the funds to cover all the 4 years of Jezman’s program but we are close to having enough to cover the first 2 years. Jezman was so excited, he could not sleep a wink the night after I announced the news to him.

You to can also help make Jezman’s dream a reality. Help a hospital and a community.


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